Lawn Removal Rebates

Lawn Removal Rebates

Lawn Removal Rebates

As we enter another dry California summer, many water districts are again offering lawn conversion rebates. These water rebates vary by water district and generally offer payment to the homeowner per square foot of existing turf (lawn) converted to low-water landscape plants.

How do I know if I qualify for a landscape rebate?

Check with your water district for up-to-date information on rebates. Most advertise their current landscape rebates on their website. They may offer lawn conversion rebates as well as drip irrigation and smart irrigation controller rebates for your landscape upgrade. Landscape rebates generally require that you have living grass, if you’ve already updated your landscape you are not eligible for a rebate retroactively. Landscape rebates generally require that you have an existing sprinkler system, and your sprinklers will usually need to be converted to an efficient drip irrigation system. Here are some examples of landscape rebates being offered:

What kinds of plants can be used in a lawn conversion?

This depends on your water district requirements. Generally the lawn must be replaced with low-water or very low-water plants. Many California native plants qualify, as well as plants from other drought-prone climates. Some districts have specific plant lists available and require plans to be submitted. Some districts allow you to include a certain percentage of permeable hardscape in your conversion. You’ll want to check with your water district to see what their specifications are. 

Earth Design Gardens can guide you through this process. We have completed many lawn conversion landscape design projects and can gather this information from your water district and create a design that meets their requirements. 

Contact Earth Design Gardens today for help getting your landscape rebate and creating a beautiful water-efficient garden.