Earth Design Gardens offers sustainable landscape design, garden consulting, and drafting services. Contact us to learn more.

Sustainable Landscape Design Services

Earth Design Gardens works with you to create beautiful, healthy gardens. We encourage the use of plants native to your area and those that will thrive in the micro-climates present in your garden, including edible plants. Earth Design Gardens strives to conserve water and regenerate functioning systems that support wildlife and human habitats.

The design process starts with a conversation. We listen and take notes about what you’re looking for–what your dreams are for your garden and what your challenges are. Some of our clients have a very specific vision for what their garden will look like, Earth Design Gardens helps translate those ideas into a conceptual design that can be installed the way you envision it. Some of our clients aren’t sure what they’re looking for–we’ll ask you questions and provide suggestions to help guide the process and get a better idea of what your style and goals are.

The next step is for Earth Design Gardens to take detailed observations of the area to be designed. Taking note of the soil, topography, areas of seasonal sun and shade, and noting patterns of movement and habitat. The observation process gives us insight on the unique conditions and micro-climates present in your garden. This aids us in selecting plants that will thrive and elements that will be a best fit.


Black and white and color versions of a 2D drought tolerant landscape design

We then take your considerations and our notes to make a computer aided conceptual landscape design that we will present to you (hand-drawn designs are also available by request). The final version of the design will be delivered to you in PDF format. A physical copy and other digital formats can also be provided by request.

When you are ready to install your design, we’ll introduce you to licensed landscape contractors to build your project. We provide consultation services if you would like us to be onsite to meet with your contractor or to place plants for the installation. We can also create 3d plans and photo imaging to give you more visualization of what your garden design will look like once it is grown in.

Consulting Services

Plant Selection: Earth Design Gardens can select plants that will thrive in your environment and meet your gardening goals. Maybe you have an existing garden and have spaces that need to be filled in or updated. Tricky areas such as extreme shade or sun. Critter resistant plants. Drought tolerant and low-water plants. A mix of plants that will provide color and interest all year round. Earth Design Gardens has experience with California native plants, drought-tolerant and low-water plants, all types of edible plants including uncommon and subtropical fruits, succulents and cacti, habitat and pollinator-friendly plants, and more! We can provide you with a plant list, alternative selections, recommended sizes and nurseries, as well as descriptions and care instructions for the recommended plants.

Examples of plant profilesEdible Garden Advice: Growing your own food is beneficial for you and the planet: it is the freshest available and saves water and fossil fuels, compared to buying food from large scale farms. We can help you if you’re starting your own edible garden or give you advice about an existing garden. We teach you how to work with your environment to grow healthy, delicious and organic foods with the least amount of input.

Organic Gardening Instructions: Keep your family, pets and plants safe by practicing organic gardening and keeping poisons and artificial fertilizers out of the garden. We can recommend organic pest treatments, composts and plant foods based on your garden conditions and can teach you how to make your own based on your available resources. Contact us and we can evaluate your garden and help you come up with an organic gardening plan.

Permaculture Consulting: Permaculture is a design process that applies the relationships and patterns found in nature. We offer permaculture based consulting services and are a Certified Permaculture Designer.

Drafting Services

Earth Design Gardens offers landscape design drafting services to homeowners and landscape professionals. We can turn your hand drawings into precise computer aided designs.

We offer 2D landscape design and drafting services, as well as 3D landscape design renderings

Computer aided design allows for quick editing and simple creation of multiple versions of a design. We can also create 3d renderings and video walk-thrus of your landscape plans.

We have many landscape design styles available and can include your branding.

Some of our 2D landscape design style options

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation. Check out examples of our work on the Portfolio page.