Dahlia Dreams

Dahlia Dreams

Dahlias blooming in early October in Pescadero, California

It’s May, the soil is warming up, and I’m getting ready to plant my dahlias in a sunny spot safe from gophers, right outside my front door for daily dahlia cheer.

A La Mode dahlia


Dahlias aren’t exactly a low maintenance plant, but I love them and the work is worth it to me.

Amanda dahlia


Did you know that dahlia tubers are actually edible? It’s true, I’ve tried them. Most dahlias today are cultivated for beautiful showy blooms however, not flavor.

Barbie Dreamhouse dahlia

The tubers I’ve tried from my pretty garden dahlias tasted a bit like bland jicama. Not bad, but not that great either. Either way, it’s good to know about in a jam.

Bloomquist Parasol dahlia


There are thousands of named dahlia varieties. The images in this post are of some of my favorite blooms that I recorded at The Pescadero Flowery in Pescadero, CA last year.

Bracken Sarah dahlia


Sadly, The Pescadero Flowery no longer exists in a physical location, but memories of its almost 100 varieties of gorgeous dahlias will forever live on in our hearts and photo albums.

Chimacum Del Blooma dahlia


There’s no way I could pick 1 favorite dahlia variety. Even trying to make a top 10 list is a challenge.

Marvelous Mans dahlia


The dahlias in this post were some of my many favorite blooms at the flowery, in alphabetical order.

Pat Feary dahlia


What are some of your favorite dahlia varieties?

Peppermint dahlia


Happy gardening!

Sangria dahlia


Valley Porcupine dahlia


Wildwood Marie dahlia