Sustainable Landscape Design

Earth Design Gardens can help you design a beautiful, earth-friendly garden.


Edible Gardens

Grow your own food! We can help you design and grow your own edible garden. Harvest fresh and healthy produce from your own yard.


Permaculture Consulting

Permaculture is a design process that utilizes the relationships and patterns found in nature. We offer permaculture based design and consulting.


Organic Gardening

Want to learn how to maintain your garden with organic methods and create an eco-friendly space? Contact Earth Design Gardens today!

What is sustainable landscaping?

Earth Design Gardens offers sustainable landscape design and consulting services, meaning we help create gardens and yards that have a beneficial impact on the earth - by creating pollinator habitats, utilizing less irrigation or xeriscaping, improving soil through composting and mulching, restoring native plants, encouraging edible gardens to increase food security, using organic gardening methods, and more! Contact us to learn more or check out the Portfolio page.

Drought Tolerant Cutting Flowers

Adding flowers to an edible garden helps attract pollinators and creates a beautiful space. Here are some ideas for drought tolerant cutting flowers to plant for homegrown floral arrangements:

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Lawn Removal Rebates

As we enter another dry California summer, many water districts are again offering lawn conversion

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Fruit Tree Guild Ideas

Fruit tree guilds are the practice of growing plants near fruit trees that thrive under similar conditions

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